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Palletized Freight

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One of our specialties at OnTime Express is palletized freight.

We can deliver from one single pallet on up to an entire truckload of 12 skids at a time, depending on the weight.

We offer competitive pricing, especially when you ship multiple skids at a time.

Whether your delivery is dock to dock or not, we have got you covered no matter what the situation.

All of our 26′ box trucks have full sized heavy duty aluminum lift gates, which make it convenient for those areas without a loading dock.


In addition, all trucks are equipped with pallet jacks, hand trucks and straps, each of which come in very handy in residential areas and commercial locations that don’t have a dock.

When it comes to safety, our drivers don’t take any short cuts, so we prefer to keep the trucks as level as possible.

This isn’t always an easy task in residential areas where there are steep roads and driveways , but we do our best to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Shipper’s Information:

Listed below are all the things that “we” the delivery company need to know before “you” the shipper calls for us to pickup at your facility.

  • Pickup Information, including zip code
  • Deliver To Information, including zip code
  • Dims and weight of each pallet
  • Total weight of shipment

Have Bill of Lading (BOL) filled out and ready to go or printed from our on-line system.


What are the dimensions of a standard pallet?

40″ wide X 48″ long and under 84″ high.
Any dims larger than this are considered to be over-sized.
Please make sure to have all pallets or skids fully wrapped upon pickup.

Things tend to get quite bouncy in the back of our trucks, and even though we take extra precautions to strap things down, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have your goods come loose.

Also make sure to have all pallets or skids properly labeled and have a waybill filled out and ready to go for the driver.